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In order to serve you better, GTel is excited to announce that we are updating our video system. This update will bring new features, additional functionality, and a user experience that you will appreciate. Someone once said, “Don’t be afraid to change. You many lose something good but you may gain something better.” We look forward to bringing you a better video service!

To prepare for the updates, there are two items to bring to your attention. First, there are several new features now integrated with your television service. We recommend watching the video series below for more instructions on how to use these new features with the push of one button on your remote control:

• What’s Hot app – shows you the top programs being watched in your area, top recordings in your area and top series recordings in your area.
• Weather App – gives you the current conditions, a 5-day forecast and animated radar Other features to look forward to are guide customization, parental controls, DVR folder management and optional whole home DVR.

Secondly, as a part of this update, your DVR will be reformatted and thus your recordings will not be available after the update. We advise that you watch any unviewed recordings BEFORE upgrading.

And to make your user experience even more convenient to set or change recordings while you are on the road, the ManageMyTVs app (available for iOS and Android devices) will turn your smart device into a remote control and allow you to manage recordings and view guide data remotely.

One more recommendation is to join the GTel email list, if you haven’t already, to stay connected with updates and news from GTel.

Until then, plan a DVR marathon night to get through those recordings!

Click on the play button below to see what’s new and how to use your new upgrades