Other Services

MEGA BACKUP: A simple and affordable way to back up your computer. It’s secure – uses the same encryption technology as banks and financial institutions and it’s automatic. It can be set up for backups at any time interval. Mega Backup is easy to set up and manage and restore if necessary. Store financial and tax records, family photos, academic projects, address and contact information, media files and more! All for as low as $2.95 a month!

STATIC IP’S: Available for $15 per month.

WEB HOSTING: GTel can host your website for just $19.95 for 100 megs of storage. Each additional meg is just 50¢/meg/month.

DOMAIN REGISTRATION: GTel will register and maintain a virtual domain for you for just $5 per year.

WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS: GTel can help you create an wireless network that expands to your growing needs. With wireless access points (WAP) starting at just $5.00 per month, we will install and maintain the equipment to give you the best wireless range possible.