GTel Email

How to update your settings

Utilize your GTel Email account from any computer or smart device.

Through programs like Microsoft Outlook, MacMail, or any email app on a smart device, you can stay connected to your GTel Email.

No matter what program you are using, refer to these server settings when setting up your email on your device. (The images reference iOS screen views.)

Contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team at 1-866-380-TECH for all of your email questions or issues.

GOING OUT OF TOWN? Let your contacts know you’re unavailable with Autoresponder.

Click on the Settings gear.
Select Autoresponder from the Settings menu.
Click on Enabled to activate your auto-response.
Enter the message you want contacts to receive in the Autoresponse Text field.
Click Save to start the feature.

You can use Autoresponse for replies to ALL emails you receive with a message on how to reach you, thanking them for their email, or any other reply you would like to send.

To cancel Autoresponse, un-click the Enabled box.
Click Save to make your change.

Autoresponse Example:

“I’m currently out of town with limited access to my email. If this is an emergency, please contact me immediately on my cell phone. I appreciate your patience in regards to the delay of my reply.”

Follow the steps below to change the SPAM settings on your GTel Email account

Log in to our web portal by clicking here.

Enter your account log in credentials:
Your account password

Click on the gear icon labeled Settings.
When you click Settings, you will see this menu.

Under Section, select Server Settings.
In the Server Settings window make sure the “Directly delete messages in Spam” box is checked. If not, click it, and click on Save button.

Navigate back to the Settings menu.
Select Spam Settings.
If you can change the Threshold Level (if you like) from the default setting to High or Low, to control the spam content level.
You can also ADD email accounts you do NOT want to have email your inbox by entering their email address in the Blocked Senders box.
Make sure to click Save when completed!

Why Am I Getting Spammed
and How to Prevent It?

Spam is an ongoing issue that costs businesses and individuals billions of dollars in lost time and resources. Spam includes unsolicited commercial email (UCE) and other unwanted bulk email. While GTel can never prevent ALL junk email from hitting your inbox, there are steps we can take to help greatly reduce receiving it!

The following is a list of some of the ways spammers can get email addresses without you giving it to them directly:

Be careful who you give your email address to. This includes marketing/promotional offers and retail stores.
• Create and use disposable email addresses to sign up for websites or services that you do not absolutely trust.
• Be sure not to open spam when you do receive it.
• Make sure your computer and computers on your network are virus and malware free.
• Do not list your email address on your website or anywhere the public can access it.

How many email accounts does the average American have?
Three. A main email account, a business/school/work account, and a backup (typically the first email account they opened).

The Nuclear Option
After changing your Spam Filters and unsubscribing from mailing lists, if your inbox is still flooded on a daily basis with offers, sales, or fraudulent messages… one option remains: create a new account. Google’s G-mail now has more than one billion active monthly users. Yahoo reports 800 million active users. Why? Because their services are free, easy to use, and offer users a “fresh start.” One drawback is ANY emails and/or contacts stored on your account will NOT follow you to another provider. But you can save/print important emails on your computer and export contacts to your new account.