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Basics of the Internet
Thursday, March 2nd 1-2PM
We will discuss what the internet “is”, and how your computer or device connects to the internet and with other computers around the world. We will explain ways to use the internet such as email and how to use a web browser, as well as what is needed to have an internet connection in your home or on the go!

Cyber Citizenship
Thursday, April 13th 1-2PM (Rescheduled from Thursday, April 6th)
It’s important to be a good citizen wherever you may find yourself by following the rules of that place. The Internet is a “place” with its own very special rules. People who communicate over the Internet are called “cybercitizens.” In this hour-long session, we’ll discuss the rules of the Internet, as well as how to protect yourself before you log on so that you can be a good and secure cybercitizen.

Wireless Basics
Thursday, May 18th 1-2PM (Rescheduled from Thursday, May 4th)
Many people think that “WiFi” and the internet are the same thing. In this session, we will learn the differences between wired and wireless internet connections, as well as ways that wireless or “WiFi” signals are affected by items in our homes and businesses.

Internet of Things
Thursday, June 1st 1-2PM
Everyday there are more ways and more devices that are able to connect to the internet. In this one-hour session, we will learn how the devices that are connecting to the internet are no longer just computers. For example: coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of! We will also learn how the internet is incorporating more into every day life.

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