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Local Basic Cable

Over 70 channels!

Basic Cable

(All Basic & Expanded Channels are Standard Def)





Starz $7.95/mo
Showtime & TMC $16.95/mo
HBO $17.95/mo
Cinemax $12.95
NFL RedZone $12.00

GTel Channel Lineup

Looking for a particular channel in your current package? Want to know what channels are included in another package?

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The Fleet

GTel DVR Services

Add value to your GTel TV Service with Digital Video Recording.

The Fleet

FLEET Whole Home DVR Service

Never miss a show again! GTel’s FLEET Whole Home DVR system allows you to record multiple channels at once while watching another! Sail from room to room with access to all of your recordings, skip forward through commercials and choose when to watch your favorite shows or movies. 3 room packages staring at $10.95* per month or $8.95 per month/DVR box.

*Additional sets – a $5 charge for each additional standard converter plus $2 DVR access fee is applied to all sets on the Whole Home Package. Service not available in all areas. Must have HD package to view HD Channels. Call for details. Certain restrictions apply.

GTel Cloud DVR

Available in our GTel Fiber locations, Cloud DVR gives you all the benefits of our reliable DVR service with the advantage of all of your recording and storage taking place off-site in our network operations center.

DVR Tips and Tricks

Use the links below to learn how to optimize your cDVR experience.


Mark specific spots in a recording to refer to later. Push Play on the remote to display the status bar, press the Blue button on the remote to add a Bookmark.  Later, you can press the Up/Down arrows to advance to your bookmarked spots.  Remove them by pressing the Blue button again within three seconds of selecting the mark.

Slow Motion Playback

Press the Pause button at the point in the program that you would like to watch in slow motion.  Then use the Fast Forward function to play in slow motion.  Press FFWD once to play at ¼ speed, or twice to play at ½ speed.

Skip Forward/Back

Press the Skip Back or Skip Forward buttons to move quickly back or ahead at a designated period of time.  Each push of the button is defaulted in the menu to skip at 30 second intervals. Personalize your experience in the Recording Settings section of your menu.

Binge Mode Playback

When you are watching programming from a Series Recording and have multiple recordings stored, this mode will prompt you to watch the next recording in a series once you are done with the initial one. Just make sure you adjust the “Keep at Most” number to ensure you successfully record all of the episodes in the series.

Extended Recording

When recording a live event, there is a chance it may run longer than originally scheduled in the program guide.  You have the option to extend your recording up to one hour longer in order to be sure you record the entire event.  All you need to do is adjust the Stop Recording time in the recording options screen.



Folders allow you to organize the recordings on your DVR by user, program type, or any other way you may choose.  You can create or move a recording to an existing folder at any time.

What's Recording

Your Cloud DVR service allows you to record up to five programs at a time. Because all of hte recording is done in the cloud, there is no indicator light on your STB when it is recording.  You can easily tell what your DVR is doing by simply pressing the OK button.  You can quickly find out what program or programs are recording. You can also jump to a recording from that menu by highlighting and pressing the OK button.

Recording Actions

Press the LIST button one time to access the list of Recording Folders. Use the colored action keys to navigate through all of your storage and playback options.

  • A Red Circle indicates a current recording.
  • A Yellow Check means the recording is new and has not yet been viewed by a user.
  • A Play Symbol shows the recordings that have been viewed by a user.