At GTel, we strive to provide you with the “service you remember” and the “technology you imagine”. We’ve got a whole basket of telecommunications services from which to choose, so it’s easy to get just what you want at a price that’s right for you. And when you call us, you can talk to just one person – and that one person can tell you just about anything you’d ever want to know about everything we offer!

Basic Service

• Residential Access Line Base Rate $21.43
• Business Access Line Base Rate $25.55
• E911 Surcharge $0.35
• FCC Access Recovery $6.50
• Single Line Access Recovery Charge $1.00
• Multi Line Access Recovery Charge $2.00

For detailed explanation of these charges please visit the NY Public Service Commission website.


– GTel provides local telephone services to residents and businesses in Southern Columbia County. To place a local call, listen for dial tone then dial the listed number. Your local calling area is shown opposite your exchange.

Local Exchange Chart